Our story, our value

Our team has a great mix of youth and experience.

Our seasoned veterans have decades of experience taking software products to market in academic and startup environments. However, with mental ages less than half of their biological ones, they also understand the needs of the children and youth of today.

Dr. Siva Bala Narayanan is a veteran of several startups and a former faculty at the University of Washington in Seattle. He coaches chess at local public schools, and brings techniques and insights from the chess world that are applicable to other fields of learning.

A Microsoft veteran and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Mr. Josh Kriesberg is also the author of an acclaimed middle-grade children's novel.

Dr. Bharath Modayur has cofounded and spearheaded product development at multiple technology startups in the past. In addition, he works with academia to help diagnose early-stage autism among children.

The younger members of the team are go-getters with a wide range of interests.

Manisha Narayanan studied Physics, Mathematics and French at Johns Hopkins University. She writes software and has a passion for applied mathematics and medical physics.

Madhavi Narayanan, a sophomore at Harvard College, has a passion for dance, education, human rights, politics and social action.

Menaka Narayanan, a senior in high school, writes for her school newspaper and is an active blogger .

Many aspects of the team's own academic success can be attributed to the methodologies core to the Quiziversity model.

At Quiziversity, our mission is to improve educational outcomes by using technology to bridge the gap between the way millennials learn and institutions impart learning. We will accomplish this goal by creating tools and systems that will enable the student to learn quickly and efficiently, and have fun doing it.

Meet the team

Siva Bala Narayanan
Chief Learner
Josh Kriesberg
Bharath Modayur
Manisha Narayanan
Madhavi Narayanan
Menaka Narayanan
Lead Guinea Pig