Our Kickstarter needs a jolt!


Happy Holidays!

The Quiziversity Kickstarter campaign is under way! We are on a mission to level the learning field among students through gamification of learning at the high school and college level. We are starting off with a mobile/web app that promises to make studying for exams as fun as playing Angry Birds. We are raising funds to complete product development, testing and curriculum.

The Kickstarter campaign is here.

Here is the press release that promotes the campaign.

The Quiziversity learning model is discussed in another blog entry.

We'd love to get your feedback and comments!

In case you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a crowdsourcing site that allows a creator to pitch ideas for a product and tries to raise money from backers interested in the project. Backers pledge, often small amounts (the most popular pledge amount at Kickstarter is $25) and, in return, either the product (when it is ready) or an item/trinket related to the product. If the campaign is successful, the creator completes the development and the product is 'kickstarted'. The site uses an all-or-nothing model, which means that backers don't get charged anything if the projects does not meet its funding goal at the end of campaign.

Please support our campaign in any way at any level you can. One can pledge any amount, starting at $5.00. I’d also greatly appreciate any help you can provide in spreading the word through your network. The success of any Kickstarter campaign depends heavily on the initial jolt from friends and family before the viral nature of the Kickstarter community takes over. Our goal is to get to 20% of our target goal within the next few days. Statistically, Kickstarter projects generate significant interest from the 3-5 million Kickstarter community of backers once the 20% milestone is crossed. The actual number of backers also seems to matter, which is why even small amounts help a lot.

We are gearing up for some media coverage starting December 10th. Our goal is to get a significant chunk of support by early next week through our family, friends and their networks so that the news coverage shows momentum for the project.

Thank you for your support!

Siva Bala Narayanan, Ph. D.
Chief Learner

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